About Us

All India Dalit Federation

( A Federation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Committees )
For empowerment & protection of SCs & STs
An integral constituent of Azad Hind Parishad
About the All India Dalit Federation (AIDF): It is an NGO for the poor among the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes that draws its WILL from its General Body Meeting (GBM) that consist of all its members in each village / municipal ward, mandal / tahsil, district, state and all India level that forecasts, plans and coordinates the socio-economic advancement of the SCs and STs, elects its Village / Ward Executive Committee members i.e., Convener, Joint Conveners, President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretaries, Jt Secretary and Treasure also elects its 5 delegates one each to represent the SCs from respective village / ward at its Mandal GBM, Division (Parliament Constituency) GBM, District GBM, State GBM and All India GBM for a period of 5 years. The respective committee from village to all India level addresses SCs Parishad’s and STs Parishad’s objectives at their respective jurisdiction and works for the all round development of SCs through the constitutional means.
AIMS of the All India Dalit Federation
(i) Lay a road map for all round advancement of the SCs and STs.
(ii) Fight for educational, professional and employment advancement of SCs and STs.
iii) Promote self help groups of Dalits, EBCs, Christians, Muslims, BCs, STs (confederation)
(iv) Fight for the constitutional rights of Dalits, EBCs, Christians, Muslims, BCs, STs.
(v) Fight for reservation of 30% to Daliths, 10% to EBCs, 5 % to Christians, 10% to Muslims, BCs 50 %, STs : 5 % (its confederation’s members) in executive, legislature and judiciary.
(vi) Protect lives and properties and self respect of SCs, Christians, Muslims, BCs, STs.
(vii) Promote exclusive schools, colleges with hostels for children of its members.
(viii) Fight for the self employment loans for Daliths, EBCs, Christians, Muslims, BCs.
(ix) Promote cottage and small scale industries for SCs and its confederation’s members.
(x) To represent the problems of Daliths at the executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, the police stations etc.,
(xi) Provide legal aid and render family counselling to contain domestic violence against dalith.
(xii) Promote avenues for self employment for daliths and its confederation’s members.
(xiii) Provide medical aid to of its members through its HAMSMACS Ltd’s hospitals.
(xiv) Promote dalith and its confederation’s members as the Councillors, Sarpanch, MPTCs, ZPTCs, ZP Chairmen, MLAs, MLCs and MPs thorugh our All India Hind Prishad.
(xv) Promote products manufactured and services provided by its members.
(xvi) Give coaching to the children of its members studying in Govt Schools.
(xvii) Organise inter ward/village, mandal, district and state sports events.
(xviii) All India Hind Parishad’s MLAs, MPs etc to get “B” forms from public, they are subjected to recall when they ignore to hold monthly general body meeting and attend public problems. Its president on rotation basis (one year each) between its confederation’s Parishad.
Our disunity results in our backwardness: Though we are 30% of the population, because of our disunity, we get injustice, step motherly treatment and being harassed. Let us unite and lay our road map. under the banner of Azd Hind Parishad

Voice of All India Dalit Federation and Azad Hind Parishad: Indian White Paper English Daily online edition at www.indianwhitepaper.com, Members’ classified ads are published free of cost in Indian White Paper.

All India Dalit Federation
Telangana State Commitee
Joint Convener: N.P. Narasaiah
Chief Patron
M.A. Mujeeb, M.P.M, LLB., (Advocate, High Court of Hyderabad, Founder President:All India BCs Federation, President: All India Mohammedan Federation)
Chief Patron : All India Dalit Federation
Editor, Indian White Paper (English Daily) www.indianwhitepaper.com
Office : 186, Madhuranagar RK Puram (PO) Secunderabad. TS - 500 056
Phone. 9948293679. e-mail.aidalitfederation@gmail.com
web site : www.allindiadalitfederation.com