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All India Dalit Federation (AIDF)

About the All India Dalit Federation (AIDF): It is an NGO for the poor among the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes that draws its WILL from its General Body Meeting (GBM) that consist of all its members in each village / municipal ward, mandal / tahsil, district, state and all India level that forecasts, plans and coordinates the socio-economic advancement of the SCs and STs, elects its Village / Ward Executive Committee members i.e., Convener, Joint Conveners, President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretaries, Jt Secretary and Treasure also elects its 5 delegates one each to represent the SCs from respective village / ward at its Mandal GBM, Division (Parliament Constituency) GBM, District GBM, State GBM and All India GBM for a period of 5 years. The respective committee from village to all India level addresses All India SCs Federation and All India STs Federation objectives at their respective jurisdiction and works for the all round development of SCs and STs through the constitutional means.